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  • blade and soul fall treasure trove event 4

    Blade & Soul Fall Treasure Trove Event: Rare Gems, New Costumes and More Rewards

    11/17/2016 04:37:53 PM

    Blade and Soul has just announced a new event Fall Treasure Trove. The event is rewarding with exclusive costumes, rare gems, materials for upgrading your gear, and more.Log in to see what treasures you can get, including new costumes, pets, and rare gems.DetailsOnce a day, the Treasure Trove can be...

  • midnight skypetal plains

    Blade And Soul New Raid Midnight Skypetal Plains Guide

    11/09/2016 05:22:09 PM

    Midnight Skypetal Plains, the first 24-member raid in Blade and Soul, is set to come out on November 16. Here are the details and guide.Midnight Skypetal PlainsA strange moonlight has fallen upon the Skypetal Plains, acting as a bridge between the Earthen Realm and the Spirit Realm. Otherworldly cre...

  • blade and soul jack o lantern

    Blade and Soul Halloween Event Guide: Pumpkin Spice Candy and Jack O'Lantern

    10/27/2016 02:59:45 PM

    Blade and Soul has announced Halloween Event to celebrate the festival season. The event has already started and will last until November 16. Let's enjoy Blade and Ghoul to the full!All Hallow’s Eve has come to the Realm, and friends and enemies alike have joined in on the frightening fun.The ve...

  • blade and soul latest update beluga lagoon

    Blade and Soul Latest Update Beluga Lagoon to Go Live on October 26, 2016

    10/19/2016 11:21:29 AM

    Another content update for NCSOFT MMORPG Blade and Soul will go live on October 26, 2016. Beluga Lagoon update will introduces. This update will introduce a new 6v6 battleground, new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, and the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path.Beluga Lagoon serves...

  • news image

    Blade and Soul Announcement:BNSCoffee Community Spotlight

    09/18/2016 10:47:05 AM

    We highlight the gear upgrade site and its creator.BNSCoffee has been an integral part of the Blade & Soul community by helping players find the best equipment upgrade opportunities for their characters. When visiting the page you simply enter your character name and region, and after some behin...

  • Blade and Soul Announcement: Premium Daily Dash

    09/09/2016 05:11:37 PM

    A new continuous Daily Dash that provides additional rewards for those with a Premium Membership.A new Daily Dash arrives September 14 that provides new benefits for those with Premium Memberships. While it functions a lot like previous “continuous” Daily Dash games, new Premium spots offer spe...

  • Blade and Soul Announcement: Legendary Accessories

    09/07/2016 03:44:32 PM

    Continue the progression of your accessory through a new Legendary drop.With the launch of Desolate Tomb we’ve changed the Evolution path for accessories, and the Awakened Oblivion accessories that we showed a while back will no longer be the upgrade path players will take—and will in fact be slowly...

  • blade and soul desolate tomb guide

    Blade and Soul Desolate Tomb Final Boss - Lord of the Flames

    09/03/2016 04:18:28 PM

    In Blade and Soul, there are three stages in the dungeon Desolate Tomb, namely the normal attack, the flame mode and the lightning mode. Here is a guide on the final boss Lord of the Flames.In the beginning, it's usually the normal attack where you release DPS towards the boss. Force master'...

  • Blade and Soul Event: Summer Treasure Trove

    08/29/2016 12:39:25 PM

    Log in to see what treasures you can get, including new costumes, weapon skins, and rare gems. Ends September 14, 2016DetailsOnce a day, the Treasure Trove can be opened for each of your characters level 36 and above! You can purchase only one item from the Trove using in-game currency.Want to ...

  • Blade and Soul Event: Gift of the Winds Event Now Live

    08/25/2016 09:45:28 AM

    Whirlwind Valley event and updates arriving with Desolate Tomb.Gift of the WindsThe Whirlwind Valley event is from August 24 until October 5, and introduces new rewards for completing Whirlwind Valley daily and weekly quests. The quests to complete during the event are “One Whirlwind Victory”, ...

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