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Blade & Soul Auction Guide: Everything You Need to Know

TAG: 01/07/2016 04:13:28 PM

Blade & Soul Auction Guide Everything You Need to Know.jpg

In Blade and Soul, players trade through the auction house which is open to all classes. You can buy and sell items through the auction house wherever your character is. The auction house is another major trading system in Blade and Soul besides the warehouse.

1. Pricing

How much BNS gold an item costs depends on the market. You can easily know an item’s cost by checking out the price at the auction house. Different prices are offered for the same item by different players, and the lowest price is at the top of the list for the sake of convenience.

Generally, if the item is medium priced and is made of common material, you can sell it fast. It’s a different case with less common materials.

2. Transactions

Instant transaction is the primary transaction method, unless the items are rare. I think few players will be interested in bidding for items offered by many players. 

3. Auction Prices

If there is only one item, then the unit price is the total price which is automatically calculated in the game. As for selling, you can sell items that you considered valuable. You can even sell basic collection materials.

In Blade & Soul, you can use remote control for the collection. Players can constantly commission certain factions to manufacture and collect while leveling up. If you have enough BNS gold, you can afford it. To some extent, this method does a good job of earning BNS gold. All you need to do is constantly commission. In addition to enhance the credibility of the involved classes, you can earn gold for your character.

Blade & Soul Auction Tips and Tricks

1) Most of the purple weapons cannot be traded nor auctioned. Items that can’t be traded are not allowed for auction. But the purple weapons produced by the blacksmith can be traded, which is an advantage of this faction.

2) Each account is allowed to auction for 20 times per day, with a total of 1000.

3) With Premium Membership, you can save a lot of auction tax. If you want to earn in the game, you can consider the Premium Membership.

4) Below is the additional materials fee formula.

1 to 5 items: 4%

6 to 10 items: 6%

11 to 50 items: 10%

51 to 100 items: 15%

101 to 250 items: 20%

251 to 500 items: 25%

501 to 1000 items: 30%

If you have Premium Membership, the system will reduce the required fee by 70%. 

4. The auction system is applied for the entire server!


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