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Blade & Soul Blade Master Skill Build Guide: How to Set Skill Coins?

TAG: 01/09/2016 04:51:40 PM


Gale: Area of Effect, Heals the user 20% of the damage dealt, Generates 1 additional Qi on critical hit. So you only need to hit the enemies when you are lack of Qi.


Draw: Single draw with fast cast speed, the best choice for killing single enemy. 

Spiral Slash.jpg

Spiral Slash: Spiral Slash after using faultless Block, end with infinite Stab, stable high outbreak.


Stab: Consecutive high outbreak skill for using with Spiral Slash. Avoid attract too much envy, keep getting a stable envy by the maximum damage output.


Escape: TAB to get up fast, it can save you a life in moments of crisis. So spare one skill Coin for Escape, you can use it while stunned and dazed. 


Block: Faultless Blocks frontal attacks, Spiral Slash can be used on resist, and the stab with maximum cast speed. 


Charge: Set one skill Coin to Charge is definitely not improvise, Blade Stance and Draw Stance both can use Charge, Increases Movement Speed by 30% make you move flexibly, Generates 3 Qi can improve damage output effectively. 


Pentaslash: It is not only a damage output skill, but also can save your life and your moving time. 

Lightning Slash.jpg

Lightning Slash: This is the kill of Blade Master which can increases most critical, and is group damage. Deals huge additional lightning damage to Stunned enemies after using C(Shoulder Charge). 

Swallow Blade.jpg

Swallow Blade: With the use of Low Slash, unassisted double slow to control the BOSS, amazing Generates 3 Qi, only 9 seconds CD, the first choice for PVE and PVP. 

Shoulder Charge.jpg

Shoulder Charge: Damage, Dazes enemies, Removes internal Bleedings, with the use of Lightning Slash, you will get a special experience.


Evade: SS change stance → draw stance


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