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Blade & Soul Classes Guide for New Players – Summoner

TAG: 01/06/2016 02:22:05 PM

Blade & Soul Classes Guide for New Players – Summoner.jpg

Combat Type: Remote

Weapon: Staff

Available Races: Lyn

Output Type: Continuous

Difficulty: Simple

Class Introduction

Compared to other DPS-type classes, Summoner has less damage, but it can bring great help to the team with containment skills by itself and its Familiar cat on the battlefield. For Summoner, not only need to be skilled of releasing complementary skills at critical moment, but also need to know how to keep their Familiar survival in each case, these both are the focus of practice.

A Summoner’s overall skills, its Familiar take about half proportion, and the Summoner and its Familiar can be said to complement each other, so even Summoner's operation difficulty is not high, but how to make Summoner and its Familiar can be survived in battle is quite important. The Summoner can withstand long-range attacks for his teammates with Pollen skill, and its Dandelion Seed can help his teammates to resist the key damages after growth of skills, especially can use Rosethorn and Vine skills to poison the enemy, Familiar can make can the enemy superimposed hemorrhage too. In addition, the Familiar has a specialty skill "Curl", Curl can taunts nearby enemies for 8 sec after growth, the Familiar with increased defensive, used properly will be formed powerful assistance in dungeons.

Summoner is suitable for new player, not only since it’s a remote output class, but also because Summoner has a variety of skills to contain and counter-attack enemy, and its operation is relatively simple, has a decisive position in dungeons. 

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