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Blade & Soul Daily Quest Guide: When the Mob Repeatedly Ring

TAG: 12/14/2015 11:34:58 AM

Blade & Soul Daily Quest Guide.jpg

Blade and Soul has daily quests. What do the daily quests bring? Are they worth playing?

One Blade and Soul’s official website, you can find a preview that shows the purpose of the recurring tasks in the world of fast beats and attractive dresses.

If you have been looking forward to very big surprises, then you will be probably a little bit disapCoined. However, at least in the preview, the daily quest appears very classic and exactly equivalent to the “dailies” in World of Warcraft and other games.

In the game, a character can complete up to 40 daily quests per day and retain the rewards in the form of Bland and Soul gold, experience Coins, consumables, and Valor Stones. Where do players find the daily quests? In each village and some other places in the game, you can probably find wooden signboards. 

What is so great about the daily quest is that it allows players to earn additional rewards. The rewards can serve as a solid source of income and therefore can help fill the typically tight wallets a little. If you continually complete daily quests, you can not only have a good source of income, but can also make your character more powerful.

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