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Blade & Soul Review: The Night Blade

TAG: Blade & Soul Review BNS Review 12/03/2015 09:40:59 AM

Every MMORPG made a class that is hated by everyone else. As a rule, it has high damage and the ability to completely unseen to sneak across the battlefield. In Blade & Soul, there is the night blade or the original name of the Assassin. Quick and mercilessly he strikes and disappears, and then again, even before anyone ever noticed in the shadows, he's been there.

Blade & Soul Review The Night Blade.jpg

The night blade features such as the Blademaster, two different attitudes that enable different capabilities. It allows the use of Stealth, and provides capabilities that can rapidly cause high damage. In the bait attitude that will change a little bit and the night blade can stun especially opponents, give them several charges of poison, plant bombs, or even knock down the enemies.

However, the blade is not a character night, responding to a clever opponent. Way ahead is the key to success, because if the enemy they once targeted, then the loop Cherin be quickly snuffed the life lights. Especially in this class must Dungeons careful so as not to steal the tank colleagues the threat.

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