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Blade and Soul Announcement:BNSCoffee Community Spotlight

TAG: 09/18/2016 10:47:05 AM

We highlight the gear upgrade site and its creator.

BNSCoffee has been an integral part of the Blade & Soul community by helping players find the best equipment upgrade opportunities for their characters. When visiting the page you simply enter your character name and region, and after some behind-the-scenes wizardry, you’re shown your current character and gear, a “Coffee Score” that helps sum up your characters overall power, and recommendations for how to improve it.

Rusty, the site’s lone developer and operator, maintains the site and updates it. “My day to day on the site mainly covers clearing up any bugs or UI enhancements that can be made, as well as updating databases and other things in anticipation for new content patches. “ In addition to his normal full time job, BNSCoffee is one of a couple sites Rusty works on as passion projects, and it helps reinforce his enthusiasm for Blade & Soul, NCSOFT titles in general, and love of caffeine. “The name Coffee started with Lineage 2. I have always been a big fan of coffee and a huge coffee drinker, because of that I always grab some sort of Coffee variant for my name in games.”

While Rusty undoubtedly has a lot of passion for Blade & Soul (and coffee), the initial idea to create the site came from the people he was playing the game with. “I started making the site initially because I was tired of arguing which was the best upgrade choice with my friends (laughs). I just wanted solid concrete math behind the upgrade decisions and I figured I should put it online so my friends could use it too.” While similar sites exist in other regions and for other languages, there aren’t a lot of similar resources for English speaking players, or at least weren’t before the Western release of the game, and BNSCoffee. “I decided to work hard on the website to get it out for everyone because I realized there weren't as many resources available in English... I was able to find the damage formulas and calculations on things and use that to build the CoffeeScore, and make accurate gear recommendations for players.”

Soon after releasing BNSCoffee for Rusty and his friends to use, and then to the playerbase at large, the number of people using the site to get recommendations on gear upgrades grew rapidly. “The most surprising thing for me was the support from the community, I received countless messages in game thanking me for the site, as well as seeing people use it and recommend it to others to help them. It was great to see the site grow as it did.” And the use of the site and its impact on how players perceive their gear upgrades didn’t just start and stop with the site. “Seeing players adopt CoffeeScore in LFG rather than just an attack power value (AP doesn't tell the whole story!) was a great [experience] for me.”

While Rusty maintains the site completely for free, you can register for a site account and get some additional features. When asked what feature he wishes people used more, it was top among them due to the additional functionality it offers. “… [T]he premium search that you get by registering for the site (completely free), [allows you to] view extra details about your character and adjust the material prices to exactly what they are for your region. This also allows you to enter in giveaways like the one we have during this article for a Spirit of Bamboo Costume!”

Through continued dedication to the site and Blade & Soul, BNSCoffee has become one of the most relied-upon sites for help with character progression. We want to thank Rusty for sharing some of his busy schedule to talk with us about the site, and for his time spent on BNSCoffee. Rusty had some final parting words he also wanted to share:

“Thanks for the support so far from everyone who has already registered and used the site. I hope to continue to bring you great tools to help you improve your characters. If you have any recommendations or questions feel free to email me at”

Thank you Rusty for your dedication to BNSCoffee and the Blade & Soul community!


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