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Blade and Soul Latest Update Beluga Lagoon to Go Live on October 26, 2016

TAG: 10/19/2016 11:21:29 AM

blade and soul latest update beluga lagoon

Another content update for NCSOFT MMORPG Blade and Soul will go live on October 26, 2016. Beluga Lagoon update will introduces. This update will introduce a new 6v6 battleground, new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, and the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path.

Beluga Lagoon serves as a staging ground for the annual White Whale Festival, organized by the Fish Network Guild. The festival honors the legendary flying White Whale, a bringer of luck and fortune. Twelve warriors pick sides and do 6v6 battle for the chance to win the White Whale’s favor.

Legendary Items

Players can earn new Legendary Soul Shields and a new Legendary Weapon by taking parting in Beluga Lagoon.

Weapon/Accessory Path Preview

See the path clearly on your weapon and accessory progression, including future materials and Evolution items that you will require.


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