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Blade And Soul New Raid Midnight Skypetal Plains Guide

TAG: 11/09/2016 05:22:09 PM

Midnight Skypetal Plains, the first 24-member raid in Blade and Soul, is set to come out on November 16. Here are the details and guide.

Midnight Skypetal Plains

A strange moonlight has fallen upon the Skypetal Plains, acting as a bridge between the Earthen Realm and the Spirit Realm. Otherworldly creatures have crossed over and are wreaking havoc. The mightiest among these creatures is the Sacred Longgui, a giant dragon turtle that has long been considered extinct.

Legendary Soul Shields

New Legendary Soul Shields and a new costume can be earned through participating in Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Midnight Skypetal Plains

General Guide

- Hunt giant mushrooms to make boss appear

- Only kill lizard boss(top boss). Killing the boss will make lightning appear near on a certain colored tree so mushrooms and mobs around that tree will be damaged, mobs will die.

- Kill boss to fill up gauge

- When gauge is filled, turtle will summon then pew pew. Repeat everything.

Note for the People Hunting Mushrooms

- Killing red mobs will induce a debuff called "Midnight Poison" that will greatly decrease your HP regen and will decrease your max HP. In order to remove this debuff, you either have to die or kill the giant yellow mobs near the mushroom. So what you do is kill red mobs first then kill the giant yellow mobs, there are 4 sets per mushroom so. Midnight Poison will affect EVERYONE in your current party. This is fine for Turtle 1. Starting 2, turtle will start summoning a poison cloud that will increase it's severity as you progress to the stage so Stage 3 cloud is deadlier that 2, 4 is deadlier than 3, etc.

- Don't kill a mushroom when people are still killing the lizard boss. It's a waste of perfectly good mushroom, so if you kill it before the boss is killed, it'll be a waste and you have to hunt for another mushroom.


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