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Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains Dungeons Guide on the Shrieking Caverns

TAG: 04/07/2016 01:46:29 PM

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The Shrieking Caverns is one of the five expert dungeons which are good for Blade and Soul gold and experience. Unlike in the previous dungeons, in the Shrieking Caverns you don't have to kill the boss to get the drop. 

The dungeon is relatively easy, but is still hard for solo play. The boss has high health Coins and moderate damage. If the mobs release damage output at the same time, the damage can be unusually high. 

There is only one boss Queen Yul Sa in this dungeon.

blade and soul queen yul sa.bmp

After you enter the dungeon, you can fly, which allows you to avoid lots of mobs. The mission area is at the first turnoff where you are supposed to kill mobs to resist damage. If you are in a hurry, you can finish the mission there. After you meet the boss, you will find mobs around it. You need to kill the mobs with the spray gun.

How to Deal With the Boss' Skills

1. Lament is an AOE skill that can cause 6000 damage, which cannot be blocked. It is suggested to use dodge to avoid the damage. 

2. Cold breath can cause 5500 damage, which can be blocked. You can use dodge to move behind the boss or move your character out of the attack range. 

3. Snow is the remote attack. The attack will be released five times, each with 2500 damage, which can be blocked. 

4. Falling icicle will cause 5500 damage, which cannot be blocked. There are intervals between each fall of the icicle. 

5. After the boss becomes invincible, you should immediately use the diamond order, otherwise the mobs will cause high damage. 

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