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Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains Dungeons: Tainted Lab Guide

TAG: 04/02/2016 12:09:07 PM

Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains Dungeons Tainted Lab Guide.jpg

The Tainted Lab is the first expert dungeons you will meet in Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains. The drop you will get is pretty good. The Silverfrost Frost required for weapon upgrade can be obtained here. Players who lack Soul Shield can also collect a purple Soul Shield set here. 

The Tainted Lab is an easy dungeon as long as you have certain skills. It actually has a relatively low requirement on class and equipment. The dungeon is located on Skypetal Plains. You can also have access to this dungeon in the inn in Lumang Syndicate.

There will be batches of mobs, and you need to kill them gradually. The mobs can cause relatively high damage. Please take it easy and do not deal with multiple mobs at one time. After the mobs are killed, the combat will be triggered. 

Tip 1

There will be large fighting equipment and multiple small fighting equipments when you deal with the first batch of mobs. It is not difficult, but you should avoid the damage. After the health Coins reduced to 50%, a few small fighting equipments will be activated. AOE will be used in the battle.

Tip 2

There will be four batches of powerful mobs. You should take full advantage of NPC and get the mobs gathered so as to kill them easier. 

Before each batch of mobs, the NPC will summon six dolls who will drop attack equipment after being killed. Your main goal is to get the spray gun dropped by the silver doll. After you get the spray gun, you should quickly return and wait for the refreshed mobs and use the NPC to gather them.

Tip 3 on the Last Boss Profane Jiangshi

Profane Jiangshi.jpg

It is not very hard to kill the Profane Jiangshi. It will be easy with the help of NPC. Please use the dodge skill. During the battle, there will be equipments that will keep disturb you. There are two kinds of such equipments. 

1. The first type is similar to Bloodshade Harbor second Boss Blood Mane. After the equipments are activated, you can block them. 

2. The second one is Tornado AOE large equipment that can't move. After being refreshed, there will be a cleared area. You can move to this area and kill the boss there. Please pay attention to the boss' swoop skill.

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